Office Space/Sign

Are you looking for a conference or meeting room outside your own building? We, here at Adirondack Advertising, can provide the space you need. We have a meeting room to hold interviews or make phone calls, or a conference room that will allow you to do training, presentations, or meetings with teleconferencing available.

With our large 55" LCD TV in the conference room, you can plug in your own laptop, or use one of our computers. Just bring your presentation on a disk to do trainings or meetings with clients.

A great bonus of renting our suite spaces is that you will have the opportunity to be visible on our state of the art LED sign. Our sign is 90 square feet, and has the best resolution of any LED sign in the city. Custom graphics and pictures are easily displayed with your logo. So reach out today to find out about our great customizable packages to help your business climb to new heights.