Free Seminars

Our next free advertising seminar will be:

Date: March 14th, 2013

Time: 6:00pm

Location: 178 Broad Street, (Adirondack Advertising Headquarters)

Topic: How to Get Your Business to Stand Out in 2013

RSVP to : 565-0089 or info@adirondackadvertising.com

If you are new or experienced in Advertising for your company this seminar can give you some inside tips and tricks to making your business stand out. We will discuss topics including but not limited to:

Utilizing your Budget (large or small)

Options in Advertising - Online advertising opportunities, Radio Stations, TV stations, News Papers, Magazines, and more...

What your Graphic Design advertisement should have in it, and when is too much.

This Seminar will give you General information on everything from prices to design ideas. There will be a question and answer period where you can get more specific information pertaining to your particular business segment. So please call and reserve your spot now and get your chance to recieve special discounts on any Adirondack Advertising Services.