About Us

Adirondack Advertising is an advertising agency located right in Plattsburgh NY to serve the Adirondack and Champlain Valley Region. The Agency was created to help businesses in the area grow and become more sucessful. Every company, big or small, needs to advertise in order to promote their business in their community and the surrounding area.

Our company is here to offer you a variety of advertising possibilities. If you are a new company, we can work with you to create a logo that best represents your business. Maybe you want to redesign your logo for a fresh new look. If so, we can work with you to update your designs. Tell us what you need and we can put together advertisements for newspapers, magazines, or the internet.

Business owners and/or managers know how important it is to advertise. Advertising budgets need to be handled carefully so that the money spent generates business and reaches the demographics desired. Continuously meeting with advertisers can take time. Let us set up meetings and do your media buying for you.We have experience buying in the largest Media Markets in the country. We know how to buy for clients on a small or large scale to make sure you get the best return on your investment.

Adirondack Advertising also has the unique ability to rent you time in our conference room suite or small meeting room. If you needed to meet clients at an off site location, present a workshop for emplyees or even set up interviews with potential new employees you have the potential to do that here.

Our goal is to help businesses grow by providing you with the best oportunities. We would be proud to do your advertising while saving you time and money. Call us today at 565-0089 to set up a free consultation to see how we can help you.